Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm Just Glad That Martin Bartloff Is My Friend

Several months ago, I was a guest on my friend Martin Bartloff's blog site. The piece I wrote for him touched on a more than one topic, among them the Law of Attraction and an actor named Ryan Kelley. At the time, Martin was working on his first novel and wanted to contact Mr. Kelley regarding the book.

Apparently since I wrote that blog (see Martin's blog at http://martinbartlo ff.blogspot. com/
and check out the date May 4, 2009) Martin retreated into his wizarding room, picked up his wand, and played a little more with his favorite Law. The proof of that is this lovely picture of Ryan Kelley holding two copies of Martin's novel. I'm not exactly sure what else he or they have in the works but I would guess that since this involves Martin, almost anything is possible.

See, Martin had a story idea, wrote the novel, found an editor, found a publisher, lost a publisher, found another editor, got the book published, (all the while looking for Ryan Kelley who was the inspiration for one of the characters), hit the top ten of Amazon's YA book list, and then became e-mail pals with a certain actor --all inside of a year.

Did I mention that when Martin and I became e-mail friends --we didn't meet in person until few months after that-- he was delighted and perhaps not surprised to find out that I live in the same town where Ryan Kelley grew up? Martin's life is full of weird coincidences like that. Or not coincidences.

At any event, since I first wrote about Martin looking for Mr. Kelley, and now that we know how that turned out, I figured I should do a follow-up to that first blog.

It's the least I could do.

So he won't go back into his wizarding room, pick up his wand, and send something unsavory in my direction...

You can find Martin at and his book at Amazon.

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  1. It's been really hard keeping people interested enough to comment on blogs. I think Facebook has a lot to do with it.

    I get tons of hits on my blog, but then people comment on facebook.

    You write awesome blogs Ophelia and you are one of my most favorite fans!!!