Monday, November 30, 2015

Missing Persons

I am stepping away -briefly!- from the ghosts and posting a commercial here. Sorry about that, but marketing is also a part of my job description. Not my favorite thing to do, but there it is. I have bills to pay!

I have just had Donnie Light, fellow writer, friend, and formatter extraordinaire, upload my FREE STORY, Missing Persons, to Smashwords. As far as I know, the format is compatible with just about any e-reader out there, and it's FREE! Did I mention that already? That the story is FREE?

BUT- there's a catch. Ahah, you're probably thinking, but hey, I'm trying to build a fan base here. So here's the catch: in order for Missing Persons to make sense, or even be of interest, you first need to read Saving Jake. Missing Persons is a shorter-than-book-length sequel. One reason it's free. The other reason is that my publisher for Saving Jake is no longer publishing fiction. Not much of it, anyhow, and certainly not a story that is not full-length novel material. So she and I agreed that I could write this up and post it for free.

So what I'm doing here, and will also shortly be posting on both FaceBook and Twitter, is asking you to read Saving Jake and then give a free story a try. I don't think you'll be disappointed with the book, and I certainly hope you won't be disappointed with the sequel. Jake and Corts will always hold a very special place in my writer's heart and I am hoping that you might find them to be fun, too. 

Saving Jake, by the way, is actually the third Brigeton Park Cemetery book I ever wrote. The first was Dead of Summer, which is how that excellent cemetery came into existence. I wrote another book called Ghostwalk that may appear in public at some point and is also centered not only on that cemetery, but also served as the introduction of The Poet's Corner Bookstore into my little universe. And then came Jake. I needed a cemetery for that story as well and thought, heck, I'll just use BPC. Why not? No one's ever going to read this thing anyway. And that's exactly the same reasoning I followed when I put BPC into Haunted...

But now there are a whole lot of people who have come to visit my universe and even more surprisingly, have asked for return trips. There is nothing else like that in this life for a writer. Truly. 

So I hope you make time to read about Jake, if you haven't already. Here's a well-known secret: I consider Saving Jake to be my unofficial autobiography. It doesn't include Cassie Valentine and Michael Penfield, but without Jake and best friend Corts, Cassie and Michael may never have found their way to my doorstep. 

And with that I close my invitation. Try saving Jake, and then add to the experience by going missing. I think you might like the adventures.

(By the way, artist and photographer Carmen Elliott did the cover art, as always. Isn't she amazing???)

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