Thursday, September 5, 2019

An Explanation in Advance

I know I have been a less-frequent visitor to Facebook--and possibly my own e-mail-- over the last month or so. This past summer has been hectic and unpredictable, and I couldn't always spend as much time chatting or visiting as I might have liked. I did try to keep up with FB posts Monday through Friday, though, since I'd made a commitment to do that.

My visits to Facebook are about to become even scarcer. As they say, one of the truest, and sometimes saddest, facts about life is that nothing stays the same. Everything has to change. That's happening for me starting on Monday.

On Monday, my work schedule is changing enough that I won't be around much. I'll miss reading everyone's announcements and chiming in on things, because I know that even if I get to the computer later in the day, I'll be coming in late to the conversation, so to speak. I'll have missed all the things posted earlier in the day, unless I want to sit at my monitor for hours trying to catch up. That's not happening, not in this house!

At any event, I will still try to keep up with my daily Facebook posts. And if you like them enough to comment, or to share, please continue to do so! I'll try to catch up with everything posted to me when I log in later in the day, or in the evening. I like reading what people have to say or share, and sometimes the feedback I get on my posts are the closest thing I have to conversations with so many of you who stop in to comment.

Also, if you email or message me, please have patience! I'll get there, honest.

I will do my best to put up a new blog post every Thursday, as always. I know these don't always get read by everyone, but sitting down to write these pieces on a regular basis is good for me.

And in case you might be worried about it, book seven is very much alive and in the process of being nailed down. I'll just have to figure out a way to shoehorn my writing in with less hours per week. Oy.

Thank you all for reading me. Thank you for responding to me. And I will be around - just a little less so.

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